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Links To Sources of News

CNN AllPolitics This page offers current news of beltway happenings. With the resources of two media giants, it can provide excellent coverage of what is occurring. It provides analysis and bulletin boards for the exchange of views, and you can view video files of major stories.

The The New York Times On The Web The Paper Of Record remains a great source of news, political or otherwise, and registration remains free.

Newsday Online Long Island's newspaper is an excellent source of news on the local level. When they are not focusing on human interest stories, their coverage of hard news is deservedly award-winning. In the New York Metro area, when we hear the phrase “The Post,” we tend to think of a local paper that is one half-step ahead of The National Enquirer in terms of journalistic judgment and ethics. In the Washington area, it is quite the opposite. This paper is amongst the best in the nation, particularly when it comes to political coverage.

MSNBC A combined effort between NBC and Microsoft, the web site is far more worthwhile than the cable outlet that has emerged from this partnership. Besides tie-ins to the cable station, this site provides information relating to many of the news programs provided by the broadcast stations of NBC, most notably Meet The Press

The next five links are to magazines (on different points of the political spectrum) that provide news and the type of analysis desirable in the study of political science. All are well-written and intelligent in their analysis. They follow in alphabetical order.

Mother Jones This magazine provides analysis of politics and society. A genuinely liberal publication, they offer a perspective distinct from the others listed on this page.

The National Review   The magazine founded by William F. Buckley's magazine is the weekly voice of the conservative movement.

The New Republic Often described as liberal, this magazine is liberal in a traditional sense. They certainly do not hesitate to attack positions taken by national Democrats. Like the National Review, you must subscribe to the print version to get all of the content, but TNR has added much more online content, and wider access to past articles. Both TNR and National Review regularly post information unique to the online edition.

Rolling Stone Magazine Although viewed by many as simply a magazine focused on music news, Rolling Stone features serious analysis and investigative journalism in every issue, and on its web site. As a bonus, they seem to mention Bruce Springsteen in every issue, whether he's doing anything noteworthy or not.

The Weekly Standard A relatively new presence amongst political periodicals, this conservative magazine was founded and is still run by William Kristol, who was Chief of Staff for Vice-President Quayle.

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