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There are many web sites that provide financial information. Below is a small sampling

Moneytrack While many students find the jokes found in these videos to be even worse than mine, the education in financial literacy they help provide is quite valuable. This is the official site of the show, which includes short videos, links to other financial sites, and sound financial advice.

Yahoo! Finance Like the others listed below, Yahoo provides a variety and depth of charts and analysis.

NASDAQ The official site of the "tech-heavy" market.

CBS Marketwatch The financial corner of the Tifanny Network's news division.

CNBC As the name implies, this is a cable outlet of the NBC.  As you might expect from a link on this page, the focus is on finanacial news.

The Motley Fool The hosts of this site claim to take an irreverent approach to the provision of financial advice. This is subject to debate, but there is no question that they offer many of the same services as the other sites listed above, as well as more generalized financial advice on a variety of matters.

Who Goes To Work? Who Stays Home? This graphic published by the New York Times gives an idea of the economic impact of a government shutdown. It also demonstrates the kinds of trade-offs that institutions must make when resources are extremely limited.

Annuities Don't Guarantee "Peace of Mind" This piece from's joint venture with Money Magazine explains some of the risks involved in an investment instrument that many consider to be "safe," known as an annuity.

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