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The History Channel The cable outlet has put together a site complete with quizzes, discussion groups, special exhibits, and a remarkable amount of information about historical events. Enjoy!

History Net With the "Today in History" Quiz, weekly features, and journal-like articles, this site has material for the everyone from the novice to the serious student of History. It has a wide variety of areas, from World History to Armies to Eyewitness Accounts. For researchers, it includes an index of articles, book reviews, and a listing of events and exhibits. The description above merely lists some of the more impressive features of History Net.

CNN's Cold War Special As you may know, CNN put together what was a thorough and fascinating study of the Cold War. CNN has constructed an equally thorough companion web site. Included are interactive maps, educator guides, and a challenge of your knowledge of the Cold War. CNN has taken down the links. This remains available via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

Binghamton University History Department This site is most useful for its links page, which, as I attempt to do here, provides a gateway to the variety of information on the internet.

University At Albany History Home Page
This site has many valuable resources. Most notably: The new Journal For Multimedia History, online Library of Congress, and online versions of most of the important history journals. The Albany site has also become the home for the New York State History Net site!

Bayeux Tapestry Online You can view the Bayeux Tapestry online. The original is in a museum in the north of France, but scholars and those who are merely curious may view it piece by piece via this site, which also provides a history of the Norman Conquest of 1066.

The Commissar Vanishes In their own words: "Presented by Newseum, 'the interactive museum of news,' this...worthwhile online exhibit offers some select examples from David King's excellent 1997 book of the same name. Both the book and the site explore the work of photo censors and retouch artists in Stalinist Russia. The Stalinist purges cut a wide swath through the ranks of the party, which in turn led to the active rewriting of Soviet history and the alteration of photos to remove the countenance of those no longer in favor (or alive). While Trotsky was certainly the most famous example, numerous other members of the old guard were airbrushed out of photos throughout the Stalin years. At the site, users can see a collection of photos, both before and after, accompanied by commentary. Additional offerings may be accessed via the main Newseum site, including exhibits on the press and the Holocaust, Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Joel Pett, and an exhibit on the Pulitzer Prize winning photos from 1941 to the present day."

The Space Shuttle Challenger Accident
This site provides a detailed study of the 1986 disaster. Included are charts, pictures and diagrams, each with full explanations. This site was researched and authored by a student at James Logan High School in Union City, California by the name of Davinder S. Mahal.

Download maps of U.S. expansion here.

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